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Tin of Sachère Christmas cookies



Box of 20 biscuits: Amaretti (gluten-free), Moon cake biscuit with pistachio, orange zest and candied ginger (vegan), shortbread sandwich biscuit with chocolate, macadamia nuts and chai tea and Kinako flour shortbread biscuit (bean flour roasted soy), maple and raspberry.

**Available for pre-orders only from November 7 until December 3 before midnight for pickup between December 12 and December 31.


8 units of Amaretti, 4 Moon cakes with pistachio, orange and ginger, 4 chocolate biscuits with macadamia nuts and chai, 4 kinako shortbread with maple and raspberry.


Contains gluten, dairy, eggs and nuts (almonds).


Keep the cookies at room temperature for 3 days and then in the refrigerator. Keep refrigerated for a week. The cookies can be frozen.

Final product may vary from image shown.