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Termes et conditions

Termes et conditions


Orders place on our website or by telephone for same day pick ups must be made before 12pm on the day of the pick up (depending on the product chosen). Some of our larger cake formats require 2-3 days preparation time and are not possible to be pickup up on the same day as the order was placed. If there are delays on our end for preparation time, we will communicate them with you as soon as possible. All orders taken over the phone must be paid in advance providing your credit card information, given to our sales team over the phone. This will secure your order and we will not except any orders over the phone without full payment done prior to picking up your order. Orders that are placed online for delivery must be made 24 hrs in advance since our delivery service is outsourced by DoorDash.


Orders online are prepared to order according to the pick up or delivery time indicated on the order form. Please respect your pick up times and if there are any delays, our service team will communicate them with you as soon as possible. Please not that our larger cake formats (10-12 portions) have a delay of 2-3 days and cannot be delivered or picked up before then.

Delivery/Pick up

Our delivery service is outsourced by DoorDash. We cannot be responsible for any damages, delays or mishaps that may occur during delivery. We prepare all order with care and attention and once the order has left our facilities, we are no longer held accountable for lost, stolen, damaged or missing items within the order(s). If there is an issue with your order, please call us at our boutique during opening hours at 514.257.8390 and we will try our best to help. Photo proof must be provided to demonstrate the issues with your order(s). Make sure someone is home to receive your order at the selected delivery time. If someone cannot be present at the scheduled time, please advise us at least two hours before the scheduled delivery time, in order to reschedule. Orders may be left outside if there is no answer at the moment of delivery. We are not held responsible for any damages due to rain, heat or cold temperatures due to orders being left outside. No refund will be given to orders left unattended or not received in person by the delivery driver. Pick up are available during our opening hours only, no exceptions.


Any cancellation must be done at least 48 hours before the selected delivery or pickup time. Please contact us at our boutique during our opening hours at 514.357.8390. Please do not leave any voicemail messages concerning cancellations or remboursement. If there is no answer at our boutique please send us an email at with all your order and cancellations/remboursement details. There are no remboursement or cancelations allowed the same day as your scheduled pick up or delivery date. 
Orders paid for in advance will be refunded if the 48 hour rule has been respected. Orders placed online, by telephone or purchased in store cannot be exchanged for other products and are final sales.

Allergies/Intolérance/food specifications

Please note that because we use nuts in some of our recipes, as careful as we try to be, there is always a risk of cross contamination. That includes all of our products, even the ones that do not contain nuts. We do offer vegan and gluten free products but we are not certified as a gluten free bakery. Flour is used in our bakery and there is always a risk of cross contamination or traces of gluten in our gluten free products. We use pork gelatin for all of our non vegan products. Vegan products are made using agar agar, a plant based gelatine alternative made from seaweed. All of our vegan products are made with almond milk and they all contain nuts. There are zero soya based products in our vegan options. Our website indicates all allergies and ingredients per item but please contact us if you have any questions or concerns with any of our products.


Our cakes can last up to 2-3 days in the refrigerator in an air tight container or the original box the cake came in. We do not offer custom cakes, but we can customize to a certain degree the cakes that we make by placing flowers on top of the cake, adding a special cake decorations such as rice paper or by adding an edible chocolate plaque on the cake. However, we will not add coloring for our whipped ganaches or make intricate designs or patterns that are different from the standard cake decorations specific to each cake. Although we always recommend buying our products fresh, most of them can be frozen but we cannot garantie the same result after freezing and thawing.

Technical issues

If you are having technical issues with your online transactions, we suggest trying again with another credit card and/or checking the expiration date on your card, or even trying a different browser/search engine. If the problem persists, please contact us at our boutique during our opening hours at 514.357.8390 and we will try to help as best as we can.