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Welcome to Sachere

Hello, I’m Sonya, owner and boss of Sachère! People often ask me what Asian influences I try to incorporate into my desserts and where my inspirations come from. I grew up in western Canada, and my stepfather is a Quebecer from Joliette. During my childhood, my stepfather and my mother owned their own karate dojo for 10 years. The home I grew up in was completely bilingual and I was introduced to Japanese culture at a very young age and as a family we practiced a style of Japanese karate called Shito-ryu (糸東流). I trained in Shito-ryu until the age of 14, hence the reason that this influence is found in my work. Quebec culture was also very present in my childhood and that's why I feel so at home in Montreal. I've been living in this city for 23 years now and when I opened Sachère, it was important for me to offer something original and different. My cakes mounted with ganache, mounted without buttercream frosting, were the first of their kind in Montreal and since then we have inspired other companies in Montreal to recreate our ideas. We take originality to heart at Sachère!